Just for the heck of it, I decided to go through my comic and see what TV Tropes are used in the comic.

NOTE: the Trope list is now located on its own dedicated page of TVTropes. You can find it here.

THIS PAGE CONTAINS SPOILERS. Y'know, just a heads-up.


The Brute: Storo
Campbellian Hero: Lazor
Cloud Cuckoolander: Extreme cold turns Kirby into one of these.
Comedic Hero: Kirby, definately, and arguably everyone else.
Crazy Awesome: Random Kirby, no doubt.
Evil Genius: Doc
Fake Boss: Dorroche
King Mook: Kablooie would fall under the "pallette-swapped" subcategory of this.
Laughably Evil: EVERY SINGLE VILLAIN IN THE COMIC. Well, with the possible exception of Spinni. Well, maybe not.
Lightning Bruiser: K-Gigas was supossed to be this, but ended up more of a Fragile Speedster instead. Mooks: The Chuurin
One Winged Angel: Kirpliss/Dark Nebula pulls one of these near the end.
Quirky Miniboss Squad: Spinni, Doc and Storo. I think.


Bag of Holding: Random Kirby's hat.
Invisibility Cloak: Lazor was able to build one of these into his visor in a matter of seconds.
Magic Tool: I think Lazor's visor would have counted as one of these had he used it more.
Rewriting Reality: Lazor's visor used to be able to use it, but the extreme power demands meant he only used it once.


Hypno Ray: Kirpliss had one of these that he used on Dorroche.
Or Is It?
Rock Bottom: Used three times, actually. Once played straight, once subverted, and then that one gets turned around and played straight.
Transformation Ray: The only thing Lazor used his Rewriting Reality Machine for.



Breakable Weapons: Why Swordy carries so many lightsabers. Lazor must have used some pretty shoddy material.
Eye Beams: Dark Nebula can use Fire and Ice Eye Beams, and can also shoot lightning from it.
Laser Blade: Swordy's weapon of choice.
Multi Armed and Dangerous: K-Titan.
Spin Attack: Swordy's preferred method of attack.
Sticks to the Back: Apparantly how Swordy carries his sword when he's not using it.
Sword Lines: Swordy's sword does this, but then again, it's a lightsaber.
Wave Motion Gun: How Lazor kills Dark Nebula.
Wreacked Weapon: Averted with Swordy. He's got a couple dozen spares, and in the event that he runs out, Lazor can whip him up some more.


Lens Flare: Used a bit after I learned how to make them.
Small Name Big Ego: Most definately did not happen to me during the course of this comic. No way. You Fight Like A Cow

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